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The B.K. Lifestyle

It took me three consecutive years before I have stick in a diet that is truly suited for my health and lifestyle. Actually, I never called it a diet until now. Before I have stick into it, I tried several diets that would help me slim down. Some of it worked, though some didn’t as well. Anyhow, I will show how I changed my lifestyle by showing to you my 5-day meal plan.

So here it goes:


Breakfast: Either Whole Wheat Bread (anyway you wanted it to taste) or red rice (you can mix it with half a cup of white rice)

Lunch: Anything with oats or a banana

Dinner: Any viand with red rice


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are same with the Monday meal plan


Hooray for 2 cheat days! And yes, I said 2 cheat days. It’s because you wouldn’t want something that wouldn’t make you feel satisfied, right?



I would suggest that you switch your 8 glasses of water into 8 glasses of Lemon-infused Water a day and have an afternoon snack that is healthy for you. Another one would be drink enough water so that you will feel full and won’t be craving for crappy foods.


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