💎 All about Moi 💎

A Parisian Traveller (A Parisian Love Story)


Once upon a time, there was once a young and Fair Lady. The name of the Lady is Blanche Belle King. She is a French-Parisian and was born at Paris , France. Her skin is White as Snow and her hair is Black as Ebony. The young and Fair Lady loves to travel around the World (Europe , Asia , America) and Shopping at the Malls. She aspired of traveling to Europe (France , Italy , Spain , United Kingdom) and she dreamt of having a French Boyfriend. She loves Broccoli Recipes , Cauliflower , Pasta , Meringue , Quiche , Crème Brûlée , Crêpes , Macaroons , Croissant , and Bœuf Bourguignon. She is studying at University of Paris and her course is European Languages (French , Italian , Spanish , British English). She loves to cook and dance Ballet because she is a Ballet Dancer. She is currently staying at Paris , France. She is about to start traveling from Rome , Spain , and London. She loves everything about Art especially Painting. There was once a time, she had gone to the Eiffel Tower and met this young Guy named Antoine Stefano Montana right at the top of the Eiffel Tower. They talked and talked that night until the Dawn came. Antoine invited Blanche to have Breakfast with him below the Eiffel Tower and it was also called a Date. One time, they have gone up to the top of the Eiffel Tower and Antoine kissed Blanche.


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